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Nishtha 3.0 Diksha Portal Module 12 Activity 2 Answer key in English

Nishtha 3.0 Diksha Portal Module 12 Activity 1 Answer key in English
Written by Chetan Darji

Activity – 2

Toys, Games as Play-based Pedagogy

Activity 2 : Check your Understanding

Mark the following statements as “True” or “False”

  1. Open-ended toys must be wooden toys – False
  2. It is difficult to enhance children’s language development through toys – False
  3. Toys help children to learn about themselves and the world around them – True
  4. Toys created through D-I-Y are not toys – False
  5. Readymade toys are required for teaching-learning of concepts – False
  6. Toys cannot be games – False
  7. Toys are only be games – False
  8. Toys are only for toddlers – False
  9. Playing with toys is good for brain – True
  10. Play is not educational – False

Involvement of Parents and Families in the Toy Based Pedagogy

Drag and Drop the Appropriate option from Column B aligning with Column A

  1. The building block play area must have interlocking blocks
  2. The dolls help in social-emotional development and this is covered under goal -1 and 2.
  3. The shape sorter helps to drop the shape cut outs and promotes cognitive development.
  4. Doll dress up clothes promotes eye-hand coordination and strengthen fine motor skills
  5. Children love to manipulate objects because they are curious and eager to learn.
  6. Building blocks, jigsaw puzzles and play with geometrical shapes take the brain more adept at understanding mathematics.
  7. Kitchen toys can be placed in a dramatic play are in the classroom and help in developing communication, problem solving and self-expression skills.

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