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Learning Assessment Quiz | Nistha 3.0 Module 8 Quiz Answer Key In English

Learning Assessment Quiz Nistha 3.0 Module 8 Quiz Answer Key In English
Written by Chetan Darji

Nishtha 3.0 FLN Diksha Portal Module 8 Learning Assessment Quiz Answer Key in English

Question 1. The teacher collects the best of the children’s work in FLN and keeps it in the file folder as evidence of learning. The folder is called as

Answer :- Portfolio

Question 2. The HPC card will be an important link between home and school and will be accompanied by regular parent-teacher meetings (PTMs) in order to

Answer :- Actively involve parents/families in their children’s holistic education and development

Question 3. Children come from diverse backgrounds and Various types of observation provide a genuine detailed data on which the teacher can

Answer :- Reflect and develop appropriate plans to bring improvement in child’s Literacy and Numeracy proficiency level

Question 4. By definition, the 360-report is

Answer :- Holistic and multidimensional

Question 5. According to the New Education Policy – 2020 (NEP-2020) the progress card of all children for school-based assessment, which the school must communicate to the parents, will be

Answer :- Holistic in nature

Question 6. The maths or manipulative area is not equipped with

Answer :- Paint and Brushes

Question 7. The math or manipulative area would teachers a crude assessment about children’s

Answer :- Cognitive development

Question 8. The classroom library or literacy area does not have the following

Answer :- Block building

Question 9. Assessment for Foundation Literacy and Numeracy helps to ensure:

Answer :- Early identification of learning disabilities and potential abilities

Question 10. The purpose of assessment in FLN is to

Answer :- Provide teachers working at the foundational stage with concrete information about the children’s learning level for literacy and Numeracy.

Question 11. What is the age group for young children coming to Foundation and Preparatory Stage?

Answer :- 3 – 11 years

Question 12. The teacher should not force the second language

Answer :- If the child is not comfortable

Question 13. Which is NOT a part of the portfolio?

Answer :- Answering in the class

Question 14. Including homour and fun in the teaching-learning strategies make learning

Answer :- Easy and motivating with better understanding

Question 15. The child-centred timely assessment would help children in getting ready for school, and

Answer :- Develop them into healthy, cognitive and emotionally competent individuals

Question 16. When the teacher is asking ba child to show the font and back cover of the story book, the teacher is observing and assessing the progress in

Answer :- Foundational Literacy

Question 17. Active engagement of children in activities is key to achit

Answer :- 360 degrees.

Question 18. A child is touching and counting each object given in a row, the teacher is observing the child’s progress in

Answer :- Foundational Numeracy

Question 19. On-going assessment information is essential for

Answer :- Planning and implementing developmentally appropriate FLN programme

Question 20. Working and fixing puzzles is an activity for foundational numeracy, but also indicates

Answer :- Fine motor abilities

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