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Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Class 6 Exam Tips & Tricks 2024

Navodaya Class VI (6) Exam Tips & Tricks
Written by Chetan Darji

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The Complete and Official Information of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Class 6 Exam Tips & Tricks 2024

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Class 6 Exam Tips & Tricks 2024

Know About the Navodaya

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya intake 80 students in each Navodaya Vidyalaya in class 6th annually. 75% of the total seats are reserved for rural candidates; therefore the competition is really tough students of urban area. But, if you can work hard then why wouldn’t you get selected.

Navodaya JNVST Class VI Exam Tips & Tricks

Following are the tips for assured selection in Jnv :

  • Understand the structure of test. It comprises of 3 sections namely – Mental Ability, Arithmetic and Language.
  • Mental Ability carries the maximum marks i.e 50 out of total 100 marks test.
  • Solve as much as previous year question papers
  • Follow a good book

How to Train Students for the JNVST Exam

You can do these things

Obtain a good book- Very much required as it clearly guides you what sort of questions you are going to deal with rather than wondering here and there clueless.

Train to practice daily- This might sound like a cliché but believe me competitive exams demands regular practice even if it is JNVST. Ask the student to sit for at least 2 hours with the questions. Here, I am assuming that student has to attend school and has to complete school homework as well.

Make language portion fun- Language part is actually fun as it merely consists of small stories. Prepare student to take it in this way only. Tell him/her to enjoy the stories.

Handle mathematics with care- This part makes a lot of difference as the most students are bored of maths. Have patience with maths and try to take it in parts with more interesting parts (language and aptitude).

Make aptitude part a game- Many teachers try to force aptitude abilities but believe me it takes time to develop aptitude. In our case, this is the major part of all. So, it becomes more important to tackle this one with utmost care. Challenge your student to complete some exercises.

Teach time management- Time management is really important as question paper is quite lengthy for the students of 5th std. Students in that age are taught to write everything on paper. For example, while solving questions from unitary method they would write-

Cost of one pen = Rs. a

So, cost of 10 pens = Rs. a x 10

I think, I am able to make the point here.

Teach your student to write only necessary things (calculations only).

And tell him/her to be motivated and confident.


What are the Expected Part in JNVST 202

Jnv entrance test does not test your memory of remembering formulas like jee it just tests your mental ability,English grammar and basic maths.

There is no need of preparing for it a year just 6 months of preparation with daily 2hrs is more than enough.

Total 100 marks

Mental ability- 50

English grammar- 25

Maths – 25

There are many publications available go for any one you like.

First go through mental ability it would be very interesting just use of simple tricks you should gain as much as possible marks in it.

English grammar is not of high level just 6 class level paragraphs just practice some present in book.

Maths is same syallbus what you are studying in 5 class practice much problems so you can solve them fast.

Solve 3 mock papers to make sure you can solve them in time.

Now the days the exam has become more competitive due to increase in the literacy and social media. Preparing for this competitive exam should be done very regularly to avoid tension in the last minute

I will suggest you to do following tips & tricks for Navodaya Class VI (6) for preparation
  1. Be clear in your topics on what you have a very good knowledge
  2. Be through the RATE OF INTEREST problems in mathematics
  3. Think in a logical way than a theoretical way
  4. Be perfect with all types of diagrammatic Problems like finding the best fit, finding the mirror image…..

Make a note of every formula you have done through your exam will be done easily

All the best for your exam

Any questions you can ask me.

Thanks to Beloved Readers.

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