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How to Register or Participate in National Automobile Olympiad 2023

How to Register or Participate in ASDC National Automobile Olympiad 2023
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National Automobile Olympiad 2023 – CBSE Circular

Automotive industry plays a crucial role in our economy and demands a skilled workforce to meet its evolving requirements. With the aim to promote and nurture automotive skills among students across the country, the Automotive Skills Development Council has launched the ‘National Automobile Olympiad

National Automobile Olympiad 2023 - CBSE Circular

This Olympiad is free and open for all students studying in Classes VI – XII in schools located in India and will provide an excellent platform for students to showcase their knowledge, expertise, and problemsolving abilities in the field of automobiles.

By participating in the National Automobile Olympiad 2023, schools can offer their students a unique chance to engage in friendly competition, enhance their skills, and gain invaluable exposure to the automotive industry. This Olympiad incorporates various activities, including theoretical assessments, practical demonstrations, and problem-solving exercises, enabling students to apply their classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to interact with industry experts, gain insights into emerging automotive technologies, and explore diverse career prospects.

How to Register or Participate in National Automobile Olympiad 2023

We are giving direct link to Register in National Automobile Olympiad 2023.

“The automobile industry is one of the key drivers of economic growth in India. It has the potential to create jobs at every level, from manufacturing to services. The government is committed to providing the necessary support to the industry to ensure that it continues to grow and thrive, and to help make India a global manufacturing hub for automobiles.” Shri. Narendra Modi Honourable Prime Minister of India.

Eligibilty Criteria for National Automobile Olympiad 2023

  1. The competition is open for students of class 6 – 12 across all education boards
  2. The competition will be hybrid where the first 2 stages will be conducted online and the finals will be conducted in Delhi. Participating students should be willing to travel for the finals
  3. There is no age restriction for the students in the above classes
  4. The medium of instructions will be in English & Hindi

Benefits of ASDC National Automobile Olympiad 2023

For School :

  1. Showcase your school amongst 1000+ schools from PAN India.
  2. Provide your students with opportunities to learn and compete.
  3. Learning opportunities for your teachers through FDP & certifications.
  4. Get acknowledged for developing 21st century skills in your students.

For Student :

  1. Participate in a national level competition.
  2. Explore & learn about career opportunities in the automobile industry.
  3. Attractive prizes and rewards.
  4. Interact with the finest professionals from the industry.

Registration Process for ASDC National Automobile Olympiad 2023

  1. Registration Process via Schools
  2. School RegistrationSchools to complete the online institutional registration form.
  3. Registration Process for Students
  4. Student Registration – Students to complete self-registration on the Olympiad web page
  5. Test Link – All registered students will get the link 24 hours before the test.
ASDC-National-Automobile-Olympiad-2023 - Registration Process

Important Dates and Timeline ASDC National Automobile Olympiad – 2023


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