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How to Register for Fit India Week 2023 – Simple Steps

How to Register for Fit India Week 2023 - Simple Steps
Written by Chetan Darji

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The Complete and Official Information of How to Register for Fit India Week 2023 – Simple Steps

How to Register for Fit India Week 2023

Step-1 : On your desktop/Laptop/Mobile please open the internet browser (chrome/explorer etc) and in the address bar please type

Step-2 : Please click on “Click Here” button on the Fit India Week banner seen on Fit India home page for registration of Fit India Week 2023


Step-3: Once you are redirected to Fit India Week 2023 page – click on Already Registered button if you are already a registered user with Fit India by logging in.

Step-4: : If you are not registered with Fit India, then click on New Registration button which will redirect you to the registration page as shown below. Please register yourself as school/college/university


Step-5: : Once you have logged in, please click on Organize your event button to create Fit India Week event.

  • Enter the mandatory details highlighted by * and create the event
  • You can also upload background image for your event

Step-6: : You will automatically be directed on the Event page (as shown below)

  • You can add event pictures / video links of the Fit India week event by clicking on add event pictures and videos button.
  • Certificate can be downloaded for schools/colleges/universities (organizers) and also participants (schools/colleges/universities) by clicking on download certificate button and providing names of participants.
  • Talented athletes identified at annual sports event conducted by schools during Fit India Week 2023 can be shared by clicking on Suggest Outstanding Sport Talent Button.
  • Once clicked it will redirect you to page as shown below.
  • Download the sample excel. Fill all details that needs to be provided
  • Upload the filled excel sheet and click on submit. Click on view uploaded data to check the excel already uploaded

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