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How to Prepare for any Upcoming Competitive Exam 2022-23

How to Prepare for any Upcoming Competitive Exam 2022-23
Written by Chetan Darji

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The Complete and Official Information of How to Prepare for any Upcoming Competitive Exam 2022-23

How to Prepare for any Upcoming Competitive Exam 2022-23

Friends, today here you will get information about how to prepare for various competitive exams. In present time almost all people are preparing for competitive exams but they don’t have proper guidance that how to prepare for these competitive exams. For any exam you are preparing for, you need to have proper knowledge about that exam. So I am putting some information about this here.

Things to keep in mind for competitive exam preparation:

1) Know about Exam, View Old Papers and Syllabus:

Friends whenever we start preparing for any exam we must have some information about that exam. Another thing is to see the old papers of that exam and see its syllabus. By doing this you will get all information about that exam. First of all you will see the old papers so you will get an idea how the papers are in this exam. By looking at the syllabus, you will know how many marks questions will be asked from which subject in this exam. All these information will be available to you by checking the old papers and the syllabus of that exam.

2) Make a time table to prepare for the exam in a systematic way:

After going through the syllabus and old papers prepare a good time table for which subject you should prepare and when according to your time. Prepare the time table in such a way that it covers all the subjects according to your exam. Write down in detail what subject to study at what time and how much time to devote to it and prepare a time table. The time table you created should not change the time. If this happens frequently, your preparation may not be smooth. Follow the time table you have created.

3) Reading newspaper daily:

Daily reading of newspapers is more important to friends than preparing for competitive exams. Because the current affairs questions asked in competitive exams are based on the current affairs happening on a daily basis. Be it a political issue or an honor a person has received, or an eminent person has passed away, these all come in the papers everyday and such questions are frequently asked in competitive exams. So if you are not in the habit of reading newspaper then make it a habit to read it daily.

4) Once you sit down to read, never leave it unfinished:

If we are sitting reading and have to finish the chapter then get up after reading it completely. Never leave it unfinished. If an important work has come up and you do this, then it is fine, but if it continues for two or more days, you will not be interested in reading and secondly, you will not remember what you have read. So if you sit down to read, get up after finishing it.

5) Prepare easy topics first:

If you have a favorite subject or a favorite lesson of any subject then prepare yourself first. By doing this you will remember the subject or the lesson in less time and secondly you will become more interested in reading. Second, you will get more time for difficult subjects. Out of any four subjects, there are three subjects which are very easy for you to read and remember and one subject which you find difficult then prepare three subjects first. Your time will be wasted after difficult subjects and you will not be able to prepare even easy subjects.

6) Make notes of whatever you prepare:

Making notes is very beneficial. By doing this, it will be very useful when you finally have to sit for the exam. If you make notes of important points by making points of whatever topics you have read, it becomes very easy to read them later. If you read the newspaper daily, make notes of the important points. All this comes in very handy at the last time of the exam.

7) Sleep on time and take care of health:

Friends, only if your health is good, you will be able to prepare well for the exam. If you are sick, the first thing you will not feel like reading. So take care of your body first. Taking sleep on time will not affect your concentration. If you do not sleep on time, you will feel sleepy while reading and you will yawn and you will not feel like reading. So it is necessary to sleep on time.


Friends these were the competitive exam tips which will be useful for you how to prepare. Preparing for competitive exams is more difficult than most people but those who succeed in this are those who prepare methodically. So it is beneficial to prepare accordingly. The above information is provided for your convenience only. You can prepare it in your own way by modifying it as per your convenience. thank you

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