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How to Pass / Crack UGVCL/MGVCL/PGVCL/DGVCL Tips?

Written by Chetan Darji

How to Pass / Crack UGVCL/MGVCL/PGVCL/DGVCL Tips?

Change in exam patter of DISCOM

As you might be known that all DISCOM have made 60:40 pattern for technical and non-technical sections so it becomes crucial that you perform well in non technical sections as well. English Newspaper reading can help you to improve English and General knowledge, and try to cover some computer basics from book like lucent etc. Also cover Guajarati language from book like akashar publication (Don’t go in too much depth you will never have time for that but make sure easy questions don’t go without attempt.

MGVCL (September 2018)

The level of this paper was very much conventional type which has easy to moderate level questions in technical sections which require very less calculations and contains more theoretical questions. Good understanding of Subject like electrical machine, power systems and measurements helps in attempting some questions which are moderate level as they can give edge over others.

UGVCL (November 2018)- 

This paper contains questions of numerical calculations type and also they are from all the ten subjects of electrical engineering which are in GATE syllabus. although level of questions are again easy to moderate type. Calculation speed can become a key factor in this type paper as question are straight forward type (Not to much complicated like GATE).

Some TIPS from my side

➡️Try to cover all subject first with every subject you skip you reduce your chances of selection before exam. The time has gone where people used to get good rank with preparation of a month or so (except you have good technical base right from college days) .

➡️study from reference books is probably ideal if you are pursuing engineering but require lot of time with job specially if you have never done before.

➡️ Study on daily basis is very important, It boosts your confidence and continously make you focused.

➡️Give all exams related to your preparation as you can get a paper sometimes which suits your attempting style.

➡️Each one mark matters as many students are appearing for exam, you have to attempt paper in good way to complete it within time if it is more of numerical type(as calculator are not available).

Books which can be helpful in UGVCL, PGVCL, MGVCL

  1. Notes from Made easy or ace acadamy. they have a lot printing mistakes but we have to go for one as notes for all subjects are available there.
  2. Objective of electrical technology by V. K. Mehta. This books can be used for most basic concepts as they are given in probably easiest way.
  3. Use Electrical engineering by J. B. Gupta only if you are very much focused on some portion otherwise that book has lot many questions which may be unnecessary for you.

➡️I have only mentioned books which i used you can use others and same about the preparation strategy.

➡️Stay away from unnecessary rumors and focus more on preparation.

➡️You will face bad moments during preparation phase, everyone has but how you carry yourself from that will separate you from other.

Take more interest in subjects. You have to work with this field throughout your life, Your prospective for preparation will change if you take more interest.

I hope you like the Article of the How to Pass / Crack UGVCL/MGVCL/PGVCL/DGVCL Tips? . If you like then share others.

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