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How to Participate/ Registration in ‘Rangoli Making’ Competition

How to Participate Registration in Rangoli Making Competition
Written by Chetan Darji

Rangoli is drawn in different states with different names and on different themes. Be it Kollam in Tamil Nadu, Sathiya in Gujarat, Alpana in Bengal, Mandana in Rajasthan, Osa in Odisha, Aipan in Uttarakhand, or simply the Rangoli from Maharashtra – every region has its own unique way of representing their traditions, folklore and practices. Now it is your chance to showcase your creative skills by participating in the Rangoli Making Competition. Anybody above 10 years can a participate in all of these competitions.

Stages of Competition 2021
Registration Process - Rangoli Competition 2021

For Registration Click On Participate Now

Rangoli Making Competition 2021

Registration Form

Terms and Condition Registration Form 2021

About Cash Rewards

Each district to have Three winners

district level competition 2021

Each State/UT to have Three winners

State level Competition 2021

National level to have Five winners

National Level Competition 2021

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