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How to Participate in India@75 (Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav): ‘YOUTH IDEATHON 2022’

How to Participate in YOUTH IDEATHON 2022, Winners, Stages Rules
Written by Chetan Darji

What is YOUTH IDEATHON 2022 ?

YOUTH IDEATHON is India’s Largest Festival of IDEAS for School Students of Class 6 to Class 12. It is an annual event brought about by collaboration between key partners from government and industry. Main organizing partners for Youth Ideathon 2022 are MEPSC (Management & Entrepreneurship and Professional Skill Council) and Think Startup (India’s largest entrepreneurship education provider for Schools and School Students).

How to Participate in India@75 (Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav) ‘YOUTH IDEATHON 2022’

YOUTH IDEATHON is India’s most exciting innovation and entrepreneurship competition for school students. This competition engages with youth to help them discover and develop their entrepreneurial skills.

The competition aims to encourage the spirit of innovation and harness the enormous potential of school children to think big and dream of futuristic ideas. Students are guided to identify societal problems and propose solutions under the theme MERA IDEA JO BADAL DE BHARAT.

Youth Ideathon is a 4-Stage Competition with exciting rewards and recognition opportunities for Students, Mentor Teachers and Schools. This year Youth Ideathon also has a bonus 5th Stage that focuses on incubating high-potential student ideas into real-life business ventures.

Who Can Participate in YOUTH IDEATHON 2022

YOUTH IDEATHON is India’s Largest Festival of IDEAS for School Students of Class 6 to Class 12.

Schedule of YOUTH IDEATHON 2022

Schedule of YOUTH IDEATHON 2022

How to Register School in YOUTH IDEATHON 2022

Youth Ideathon 2022 Timeline and Registration

Steps are given below

school participation link for Youth Ideathon 2022

You have to Fill Following Details for the School Participation in Youth Ideathon 2022

  1. School Name
  2. City
  3. State
  4. Pin code
  5. Principal Name
  6. Principal Email ID
  7. Youth Ideathon Coordinator Name
  8. Coordinator Mobile Number
  9. Coordinator Email ID
  10. School Board Affiliation
  11. Does have Atal Tinkering Lab
  12. School running on Below Programs
  13. Register Interest for

Stages & Winners for Youth Ideathon 2022

Stages & Winners for Youth Ideathon 2022

Rules of Youth Ideathon 2022

1. Youth Ideathon 2022 is a team based 5-stage competition open to school students.

2. Bona-fide students studying in Class 6 to 12 accredited to any School Board in India are eligible to participate in Youth Ideathon 2022, India or International.

3. Eligible students can participate only in teams of 3 to 5 members.

The minimum size of each participating team shall be 3 & maximum size of each participating team shall be 5.

4. The only way to participate in Youth Ideathon 2022 is by submitting an idea at the online link:

5. The idea submission form will close at the midnight of 20th September 2022. This is the end of 1st stage of the competition. Upon closure, no entry for Youth Ideathon 2022 shall be considered for evaluation.

6. Any ideas you pitch or share at the Youth Ideathon (and its social media handles) which is released into the ‘public domain’ will not be bounded by any non-disclosure agreements from the organisers.

7. Participation in Youth Ideathon is FREE. However, for the final round, teams / schools will have to make their own arrangements for travel and stay.

8. All submitted ideas shall be evaluated by our expert panel.

9. On 24th September 2022, the list of Top 1000 teams shall be published on
Youth Ideathon website (

10. If two teams submit nearly the same idea and have got the same rating, the idea submitted first on the basis of date and time stamp shall be given priority.

11. In the Stage 2 of the competition, teams shortlisted in Top 1000 shall have to submit a 2 minute recorded video pitch on any date between 24th September and 30th September 2022.

12. Please note, for consideration of team’s candidature in Youth Ideathon, all videos shall be published on YouTube channel of ThinkStartup Youth Ideathon 2022 for public voting. Videos uploaded at this stage shall not be removed under any circumstances. If any team is concerned about confidentiality of their idea, they may choose to drop out and their idea shall not be considered.

13. The selection for Stage 3 i.e. Top 100 teams shall be on the basis of two factors – expert rating of video pitch and public voting score. Public Voting Score shall be calculated by ThinkStartup’s proprietary algorithm on the basis of likes, comments and shares on uploaded YouTube video of each team. The Top 100 result shall be published by 6pm on 1st October 2022.

14. The Top 100 Teams shall be required to attend an online interview with our expert panel between 7th and 10th October 2022. The time slot provided for interview must be strictly adhered. In the event, a team does not report for the interview at the allotted time, their candidature shall be forfeited.

15. Stage 4 starts with publication of Top 25 Team on 11th October 2022. All Top 25 Teams win a concept prototyping award of Rs. 10,000. Mentors of Top 25 Teams shall win Rs. 5000 cash award. The sole purpose of this award is to help the teams develop a quick prototype of their idea in 1-week time. These awards shall be disbursed through the school.t will judge the ideas on their respective theme and determine a winner.

16. Stage 5 of the competition is Final Pitch and Showcase of the prototype by Top 25 Teams on 20th October 2022 to the the grand jury at New Delhi.

17. The Grand Jury will review all presentations and prototypes and fill out a scoring sheet on each to determine the Top 10 Teams.

18. Evaluation Criteria shall be a combination of factors such as
(a) the power of ideas in terms of its ability to solve a real problem
(b) its impact in terms of number of people who it touches or potentially touch
(c) how the idea stands with respect to alternate solutions available
(d) the progress made by the participant during the ideathon to make the idea as real as possible
(e) Ability the participant to build a startup with the proposed idea

19. The ideas should be original. If at any stage of competition, plagiarism is discovered by the organisers, the participant shall be disqualified and next participant shall be offered a chance.

20. If the Youth Ideathon Organising Committee finds that awarded idea is based on plagiarism (including Top 10 awards of Youth Ideathon 2021), the participating team shall have to refund the entire prize money and certificate. All decision of Organising Committee shall be binding of participants and schools.

21. Youth Ideathon 2022 has several other awards such as School of Innovation, Teacher of Innovation, Most Popular Idea, School Winners etc. These will be decide by the Organising Committee on criteria set internally, but uniformly applied on all entries for the purpose of fairness.

22. At each stage of the event, decision made by organisers shall be binding on all participants.

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