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How to Participate in All India Children’s Educational eContent Competition

How to Participate in All India Children’s Educational eContent Competition
Written by Chetan Darji

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All India Children’s Educational eContent Competition 2022

All India Children’s Educational eContent Competition (AICEeCC) is a unique educational competition for children and teachers of India, being organised by the Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), NCERT Delhi.

All India Children’s Educational eContent Competition 2022

The Ministry of Education GoI has promoted many digital initiatives for enhancing the quality of education like PM eVidya, DIKSHA, NISTHA and so on. Even National Education Policy (NEP 2020) is promoting digital pedagogy, and various curricular & extension activities have been proposed for making our teachers ‘Digital Teachers’.

This year in the budget announcement, a competitive mechanism is proposed for the development of high-quality eContent by the teachers and professionals. The objective is to empower and equip them with digital tools and content for teaching and facilitating better learning, also, for integrating emerging technologies in the teaching & learning process, and developing creative, innovative & emerging content for the children.

Category of Programme

Criteria for Selection

The programme that is produced/ developed from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. An undertaking with regard to the production date of the programme should be given by the producer/institution/individual failing which entries will be rejected.

The programme must be suitable for the following groups

  • Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Level (FLN) : 03 – 08 years (Pre- School and Grade I- II)
  • Preparatory Level/ Middle Level / Secondary Level (PMS)): 08-18 years (Grade III-XII)
  • Adult Education
  • Teacher Education

The programme (entries other than Hindi/ English should be sent with subtitling in Hindi/ English.

Programme content should be creative, have broad appeal and demonstrate excellent artistic and technical skills.

Content should speak to and respect children of diverse backgrounds and cultures positively.

In order to make an inclusive system, equal opportunities to a person with and without disability will be provided. For promoting inclusive education, content on ‘Children with Special Needs’ (CWSN) will be given preference. This could be the person with special needs producing content or the submitted entries based on CWSN.

Duration of the programme (Audio/Video programme) shall not exceed 30 minutes and minimum of 5 minutes.

The submitted programme will be used by NCERT for educational purposes including dissemination by online/offline modes.

The material like images, graphics, stock footage etc. used in production should not be copyrighted.

Under the children’s category, children should submit a copy of the ID and endorsement by the principal of the school.

Rules & Regulation for (AICEeCC)

  1. Programmes made by compiling stock shots or any copyrighted graphics/images would not be eligible for competition.
  1. Each programme can be entered in one category (either FLN/PMS/AE/TE) only, so kindly
    send one application form for one programme in one category only.
  2. A copy of all the entries shall be retained by CIET, NCERT.
  3. CIET, NCERT would have the rights to telecast/broadcast the award winning programmes
    and upload it on DIKSHA/OER and other websites/portals managed by NCERT.
  4. A Committee of Experts will shortlist the entries from the original list of entries received.
  5. All the shortlisted programmes will be judged by a common Jury (separately for Audio/
    Video & Animations/ Immersive eContent/ Digital Games & Applications category).
    Results declared by the Jury will be binding.
  6. CIET, NCERT reserves all rights to modify the rules and dates.


  1. Please read the brochure details of filling the form before the final submission very carefully. Read the details like Rules, Criteria, and Categories etc. in the brochure.
  2. Submit a duly filled only online Application Form (one application form for each programme separately) to the coordinator along with all relevant documents
  3. Please send your programmes for the competition in the highest possible resolution through online form / share it through Google Drive at [email protected]
  4. Fee for submitting a programme for consideration as part of All India Children’s Educational eContent Competition (AICEeCC) is Rs. 200/- (Rupees two hundred only) per application form. It should be paid only through NEFT and details are given below:
    Account No. 10137881284
    Account Holder Name: Joint Director, CIET, NCERT
    Bank Name: State Bank of India, NCERT, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110016
    IFSC Code: SBIN0001690.
    There is no fee for the entries from NIE/CIET/PSSCIVE/RIEs of NCERT.
  5. No cash payment will be accepted. Cash transfer to CIET’s Bank Account will also not be accepted.
  6. Last Date of submitting the online form is: December 31, 2022
  7. Upload all the relevant documents/files like synopsis, script, photograph, image of programme, fees challan and programme etc. along with the application form.

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