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How to Get Training of Fashion Studies Teachers From CBSE 2022

How to Get Training of Fashion Studies Teachers From CBSE 2022
Written by Chetan Darji

In accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the Board recognizes the need to shift from rote learning to competency-based learning and learning by doing approaches; to ensure proficiency in learning by students in dealing with real life situations.

For this purpose, the Board is going to offer online teachers training to the teachers teaching Fashion Studies Course. The training dates are 2nd March to 4th March 2022. Registration is required for attending this training, registration link is given below.

Please follow the below mentioned instructions before starting the training:

  1. The training is mainly divided into 3 days, namely:

a) Day 1 : Overview of Fashion, Fabric finishes, dyeing and printing

: Fashion & adornment – tribal and urban or past to present,

: Existing Fashion capitals and now how India is emerging to become fashion center.

b) Day 2 : Home furnishing, Leather & carpet industry ( both handloom and power loom ), : Sustainable fashion.

c) Day 3: Creation, Submission, and Evaluation for Studio/Practical Work in Fashion Studies.

  1. Attending all the three days are compulsory.
  2. For every day, trainings for approx. 4 hours will be covered through online method.
  3. After every training day, participants have to undergo the assessment on the same day and as per the timeline mentioned in the schedule.
  4. Before starting, participants must register themselves on the link given below. Without registration, you will not get the link to join the training session or access the assessments. Registration link will remain open till 06:00 pm, 25th February, 2022.
  5. The same email id and mobile number that you used for registration have to be used for joining training and accessing assessments, otherwise assessment results will not be valid.
  6. Participants can take assessment only once by using registered email id; minimum 60% marks are required for passing in all 3 days training.
  7. Assessment will be based on the content covered in the training sessions.
  8. Steps to be followed:
    a) Register yourself for training using the Google Form given below in table
    b) Session links will be provided to registered candidates
    c) After attending the training, take assessment of that module within 2 hours by using assessment links.
    d) Attend the training session for the next module and continue in the same way till assessment of days 3.
Time schedule of fashion training 2022 CBSE

For any queries, please write to Dr. Swati Gupta, Deputy Secretary, Skill Unit on the email [email protected]
Registration Link: (In case the link doesn’t work, please copy and paste the address on the browser) All are requested to join this course.

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