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Essay on World Aids Day – 01 December 2023

Essay on World Aids Day - 01 December 2023
Written by Chetan Darji

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Essay on World Aids Day – 01 December 2023

AIDS is a horrible disease which threatens the life of the people who have got it. It is a disease that a person can get when a virus called HIV enters our body. It is very dangerous for our bodies and even tead to death.

In our bodies, we have a system called the immune system that takes care of us by fighting off any infection that comes to us. HIV destroys the cells in our immune system that saves us from becoming unwell.

This means that if HIV enters the body, even small illness like a cold can make someone very sick. A person can get AIDS when they come in contact with the blood of a person who has HIV. They can also contract it while doing some kind of sexual activity. Another way to get HIV/AIDS is by being born with it, but this only happens if your mother who gave birth to had it. AIDS is not a natural disease, but it comes from some where else into the body.

It is challenging to live with HIV/AIDS because it can’t be cured. However, doctors can help you control it so that you can live happily.

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