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CBSE Circular – What is Poshan Maah and Pakhwada, What to Do in Abhiyan ?

CBSE Circular - What is Poshan Maah and Pakhwada, What to Do in Abhiyan 2023-24
Written by Chetan Darji

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What is Poshan Maah and Pakhwada ?

‘POSHAN Abhiyan’ launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister aims to achieve improvement in the status of nutrition of both children and women. Poshan Maah and Pakhwada are celebrated every year by Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India.

To observe Poshan Maah, theme-based activities are conducted across the country throughout the month of September as follows:

1. Pledge:

Poshan pledge to be taken by students in schools during Poshan Maah reflecting the spirit of Bacha and Shiksha.

I pledge that:

  • I will keep myself well-nourished and spread the message of healthy eating among my friends and family.
  • I will not purchase, promote, use or gift junk foods and unhealthy soft drinks.
  • I will eat green leafy vegetables and fruits.
  • I will adopt and promote safe cooking and eating habits.
  • I will keep myself well-hydrated and practice healthy hygienic habits of washing hands regularly.

2. Sensitize regarding nutrition in formative years:

Group discussions/ debates may be organized on the issue of formative years. Banners, slogans may be placed in schools to sensitize the community on ‘POSHAN BHI, PADHAI BHI’ and create awareness in the community through appropriate/ related indigenous toys.

3. Sensitize children on nutrition:

Nutrition Fairs/ Rallies/ Nukkad Nataks may be organized on importance of millets in diet etc.

4. Nutrition Garden:

Nutrition gardens may be developed in schools by students

5. Water Management

Conduct awareness campaign for students on water management through school activities/ Science Fairs on water management.

6. Sensitizing parents through Parent-Teacher Meetings:

PTMs may be held by schools with parents with regard to nutrition and its relationship to physical and mental health and well being of the school children.

In this regard so that stakeholders may learn about nutrition, importance of good health, staying fit, eating nutritious diet and maintaining good personal hygiene in its true sense so that the stakeholders stay healthy and can provide contribution towards nation building

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