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CBSE Circular – Upload Report Celebration of Bhasha Ustav 2023

CBSE Circular - Upload Report Celebration of Bhasha Ustav 2023
Written by Chetan Darji

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CBSE Circular – Upload Report Celebration of Bhasha Ustav 2023

The Ministry of Education, Govt. of India is celebrating the birth anniversary of Mahakavi Subramania Bharati as Bharatiya Bhasha Ustav on 11th December 2023. Bharatiya Bhasha Utsav is a Language Festival for enjoying the beauty of language diversity and to experience the feeling of oneness in that diversity. Bharatiya languages are the primary vehicles of Bharatiya culture, arts, music, thoughts and the bonds of unity and harmony of people of Bharat. Hence, celebrating Bharatiya Bhasha Utsav in a festive fervour and vigour will energise the students and fill them with pride and confidence.

In view of above, all the schools are requested to celebrate Bhartiya Bhasha Utsav on 11th December 2023 with the following suggestive activities:

  • The festival may begin with all the participants signing in a Bharatiya language on a big canvas kept at the entrance, to campaign in favour of mother tongue, like ‘My Signature in My Mother Tongue’.
  • Inaugural function.
  • Multifaceted and multilingual cultural programs such as skits, anecdotes, jokes, stories, street plays, procession, folk performances, etc. all in different languages.
  • Varieties of songs, dances and other artistic performances in different languages.
  • Extempore speeches, drawings and their combinations in different languages.
  • Language games and fun programs through different languages.
  • Screening of inspiring films, short films, biographical films and documentaries in different languages.
  • Food courts belonging to different linguistic areas.
  • Corners where different languages could be introduced in spoken form in order to make the students experience the thrill of speaking and enjoying a new Bharatiya language.
  • Exhibition of charts and other exhibits on various aspects of languages of Bharat
  • Seminar, workshop, debate, etc.
  • Interactive session with authors and literary figures.
  • Exhibiting/ providing first-hand experience of using translation tools.
  • Any other creative programs/ competitions.

NCERT has developed a framework of resources for Bharatiya Bhasha Ustav, which is available at under the link ‘अशिररक्त संसाधन और शलंक’

How to Upload Brief Report or Photos for Celebration of Bhasha Utsav 2023

You are requested to celebrate Bharatiya Bhasha Ustav in your school and encourage all the stakeholders to participate in it. A brief report of the activities organized at the school should be uploaded at the following link before 13.12.2023:

Bharatiya Bhasha Utsav 2023

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