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CBSE Circular – Summer Camp in Schools How to Upload Report 2024

CBSE Circular - Summer Camp in Schools How to Upload Report 2024
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CBSE Circular – Summer Camp in Schools How to Upload Report 2024

The National Education Policy 2020 emphasizes that “…certain subjects, skills and capabilities should be learned by all students to become good, successful, innovative adaptive human beings in today’s rapidly changing world. These skills include environmental awareness including water and resource conservation, sanitation and hygiene” (Para 4.23, NEP, 2020). Eco Clubs in schools are an intervention to enable students to take up meaningful environment friendly activities and projects, thereby developing sensitivity and an understanding for the ongoing environmental concerns and the right attitudes and deposition to address them.

The idea of LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) was put forward at COP26 in 2021 and India is since committed to promoting a healthy and sustainable way of living based on traditions and values of conservation and moderation as key to combating climate change. Mission LiFE is a global movement promoting sustainable lifestyles and mindful use of resources to conserve the environment. As part of activities of Eco Clubs, it is suggested that summer camps may be organized in schools during the summer vacations on the theme “Eco Clubs for Mission LiFE”. The activities can ideally start on World Environment Daywhich is celebrated on 5th June every year. The World Environment Day theme for this year is “Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience”. The summer camps can be organized for one week keeping this theme in mind and devoting one day to each of the seven themes of “Mission LiFE” viz. Adopt Healthy Lifestyle (Day 1); Adopt Sustainable Food Systems (Day 2); Reduce E-Waste (Day 3); Reduce Waste (Day 4); Save Energy (Day 5); Save Water (Day 6); and Say No to Single Use Plastic (Day 7). List of suggestive activities based on these themes that can be taken up during these summer camps is also enclosed at Annexure A. The camps can be popularized among school students through poster making competitions, painting competitions, debates etc. Eminent environmentalists, academicians and NGOs working in this field can also be associated with the summer camps.

It is pertinent to mention that while organizing Summer Camps, instructions/ guidelines of local administration/ State Govt. must be strictly followed. Proper arrangements should be done to prevent the participant and all staff from heat wave.

The schools should upload a brief report (day-wise) of the Summer Camp on daily-basis at the link before 15.06.2024. Additionally, the schools must register on and fill the required details of activities.

You are requested to disseminate the above information among the students and teachers of your school and encourage the students to participate in the Summer Camps.

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