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CBSE Circular – Skill Expo Workshop on Skill Courses in Panipat 2022

CBSE Circular - Skill Expo Workshop on Skill Courses in Panipat 2022
Written by Chetan Darji

Are you Searching For Skill Expo Workshop on Skill Courses in Panipat

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The Complete and Official Information of CBSE Circular – Skill Expo cum Awareness Workshop for the Principals and Teachers on Skill Courses in Panipat

Skill Expo cum Awareness Workshop for the Principals and Teachers on Skill Courses in Panipat

NEP 2020, envisages that by 2025, at least 50% of learners shall have vocational exposure through school and higher education. The goal of a well-designed school curriculum is that it exposes children to maximum skills and knowledge to make them better informed and productive member of the society. Every child is supposed to learn at least one vocation and be exposed to several more. The NEP 2020 states that there will be ‘no hard separation’ between the ‘vocational and academic streams.

In keeping this spirit alive, CBSE is organizing Skill Expo cum awareness workshop for skill subjects offered by the Board with specific emphasis on Beauty and Wellness, Apparel, Fashion Studies and Computer Applications and Typography.

This is first of its kind Skill EXPO cum Awareness workshop to develop awareness for skills along with recognizing the importance of skills in ones’ daily life.

Some key points of the Skill Expo/Exhibition-2022 will be

  1. Participation in this exhibition is open for all CBSE schools.
  2. The schools especially of Panipat and nearby districts are required to participate in minimum one and maximum three skills from one school can be exhibited.
  3. Schools are supposed to prepare the concept and process of skill/skills to be displayed in the exhibition.
  4. If the concept, process and working presentation is appropriate, CBSE will felicitate it.
  5. This event will train principals and teachers on how to implement skill education in schools.
  6. Students will be invited to visit so that they also learn from these skills.
  7. Schools can either prepare & exhibit one skill on their own or they can include experts of the particular field also.
  8. Skill education fair will provide a stall of size 8 X 8 feet to the participating school.

The schedule of Awareness Workshops at Lucknow is as follows :

22nd August 202210:00 am onwardsS.D Vidya mandir City, G.T. Road, Panipat, Haryana -132103
Last Date : 15 August 2022

28th August 202210:00 am onwardsG. D. Goenka Public School, Bichpuri Road, Near Shastri Puram, Agra – 283 105.
Last Date : 20 August 2022

These awareness workshops are conducted to sensitize and address the concerns of individual school principals and teachers. Representatives from the Industry will also be present.

Please Note-

  • The Skill Expo is open for all CBSE Affiliated schools.
  • These awareness workshops are for the principals and teachers of CBSE affiliated schools.
  • The entry to these workshops will be given on a first come first serve basis.
  • There is no fee for registering for these awareness workshops.
  • Shortlisted principals will be informed via e-mail. The list will also be posted on CBSE website.

For any queries, please write to Dr. Swati Gupta, Deputy Secretary, Skill Unit on the email [email protected]

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