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CBSE Circular – Multiple Teachers Training Sessions Google for the “Be Internet Awesome” Program

CBSE Circular - Multiple Teachers Training Sessions Google for the Be Internet Awesome Program
Written by Chetan Darji

NEP 2020 speaks of technology as assisting teachers, bridging the language gap between teachers and students, building digital libraries, popularizing language learning, and ensuring greater educational access (specifically for differently-abled children). In keeping this spirit alive, CBSE in partnership with Google India is organizing training on ‘Be Internet Awesome’, a program dedicated to safeguarding learners and facilitators alike while exploring the online world.

Since the pandemic, online learning has become an inseparable part of the teaching learning scenario
in schools across the country and hence, the need to navigate safely is paramount. This program aims
to empower users by educating them and providing them with the right tools and information for their
online safety. One critical aspect of this commitment is also to ensure parents and students have the
right tools that they need to explore the internet confidently.

Professional Development via Webinars (Online)

The first engagement of this program involves learning through webinars. These trainings will be
conducted in a series of 2 webinars and 1 voluntary follow-up session, for the next 6 months to
accommodate teachers pan India. Teachers are required to attend 2 webinars and 1 follow-up session.
Each participant will then train a minimum of 100 students to become eligible for the CBSE-Google

The training is for teachers teaching age groups 6-14 years.
● The entry to the webinars will be given on a first come first serve basis.
● There is no fee for registering for these training sessions.
● Once a teacher registers, Google will share the joining link.
● The programs are open to all CBSE schools.

For any queries, please write to Ms. Manu Kaundal, email id- [email protected] and Dr. Swati Gupta at [email protected].

In case the registration link doesn’t work, please copy and paste the address on the browser.

All are requested to join this training.

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