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CBSE Circular – How to Participate in CBSE Games (2023-24)

CBSE Circular - How to Participate in CBSE Games (2023-24)
Written by Chetan Darji

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CBSE Circular – How to Participate in CBSE Games (2023-24)

CBSE organizes sports events at Cluster/ Zonal and National levels for its independent category of schools every year in various age-groups for girls and boys separately. The Board invites proposals from its affiliated schools to organize these events and also for ‘applying to participate’ through an online portal. The following may be noted in this regard:

1. List of Games, Age-Groups and Clusters/ Zones/ Regions:

The list of games along with age-groups at Cluster/ Zonal and National level are given in below

List of CBSE Games 2023-24

2. Online Proposal by Schools for Organizing Games:

Schools wishing to organize any of the games at Cluster/ Zonal or National Level, may apply online on CBSE website (click on the tile named ‘CBSE SPORTS SYSTEM’ on main website) or at (click on tab ‘Sports’).

The direct link for the same is

  • No proposal shall be accepted offline/ manually.
  • The link ‘Apply to Organize CBSE Games’ may be clicked for filling out the online form. Username and Password will be the same as used by the schools for LOC or registration of students for classes IX/X/XI/XII.
  • The schools must ensure that they have all the facilities necessary to organize the sports events, preferably as per specifications of infrastructure, available on the website of SAI (Sports Authority of India) at the link:
  • The schools must upload a 3-5 minute video on Youtube showing the playground(s) of the game that the school wants to organize along with accommodation facilities and washrooms for ample number of participants.
  • The URL link of the video uploaded on Youtube should be pasted into the online application form.

3. Online Registration of Players for Participation in CBSE Games

Schools intending to sponsor their students/ teams for participation in CBSE sports events should visit the CBSE website (as mentioned in point 2 above) and complete the following 3 steps:

steps for online registration in cbse games 2023-24

Step 1 – Registration:

  • The schools may register their students online by filling the form available at above mentioned link by clicking ‘Registration/ Apply to Participate’.
  • A UID will be created for every student. This registration is to be done only once and the same UID of the student will continue for all the coming years till the student is studying in CBSE school(s).

Step 2 – Apply to Participate:

  • After registering the student, click ‘Apply to Participate’, to sponsor the student in any game(s). This step is mandatory to participate in CBSE games.
  • If only registration is done and this step (Apply to Participate) is not completed, the student/ team will not be allowed to participate in CBSE games.

Step 3 – Send Confirmation to Organizing School(s):

  • After completing the above mentioned both the steps (‘Register Student’ and ‘Apply to Participate’), the participating schools should send an email to the organizing school(s) for confirmation of their participation at least one week prior to the event, so that the organizing school(s) may make arrangements accordingly

Note: The schools not completing the above steps (a to c) before the last date, will not be able to participate in CBSE games

How to Login:

The schools may use the same Username and Password as used for LOC or registration of students of classes IX/ X/ XI/ XII every year.

Mapping of School:

The schools are advised to check the mapping of their school in their cluster. After login, if boxes of Cluster and Zone (on top of the screen) appear blank, this means that the school is not mapped in any cluster/ zone and the organizing school will unable to see the entries of that school. In this case, the school should immediately report the same at [email protected] and [email protected]

Correct Data Entry:

The schools are requested to enter the correct details of participants i.e. name, date of birth, game, event etc., as no corrections will be allowed after last date.

Entry with ‘Late Fee’ after the Last Date:

Late fee will be charged for registration and ‘applying to participate’ after the last date:

  • Upto 7 days after the last date = Rs. 500/- per student
  • 8 to 14 days after the last date = Rs. 1000/- per student


A player shall be under 11, 14, 17, & 19 years of age as of 31.12.2023. Accordingly, for session 2023-24 sports events, the age criteria will be as follows:

  • Under 11 years: Born on or after 01.01.2013
  • Under 14 years: Born on or after 01.01.2010
  • Under 17 years: Born on or after 01.01.2007
  • Under 19 years: Born on or after 01.01.2005

Similarly, age may be calculated for other age-groups.

Participation in CBSE National Level Sports Events:

First & second positions in individual sports events, and winners & first runner-up in team games (at Cluster and Zonal level) will participate in CBSE Nationals in each category and age-group. However, in case of Chess (02 top teams), Shooting (Top 02 teams & 05 top individuals) and Yogasana (Top 02 teams & 05 top individuals).

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