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CBSE Circular – CBSE Skill Expo and National Guidance Festival – 2023

CBSE Circular - CBSE Skill Expo and National Guidance Festival – 2023
Written by Chetan Darji

CBSE organized Skill Expo cum Awareness Workshops on Skill Courses for the Principalsand Teachers of CBSE affiliated schools, at Panipat (Haryana), Agra and Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) in the year of 2022 to create awareness for skills along with recognizing the importance of skills.

In addition, CBSE in association with Lifology Foundation, organized National Guidance Festival for students & parents of class VIII-XII in the month of September 2022 in digital mode to provide information on future careers, skillsets to excel and a clear plan regarding ‘Which career paths to choose and How to reach the destination’. The event was a great success in meeting its objectives towards creating awareness about different career paths to the students.

Also, NEP 2020 has emphasized the importance of scientific guidance for children at schools. The real question is ‘How to decide What to become in Future’ This decision becomes tough and complex in the current scenario where a lot of changes are happeningin the world of careers which signifies the role of scientific Career and Skill Guidance at school.

In this context, CBSE intends to integrate both these events i.e., Skill Expo and National Guidance Festival into Skill Expo and National Guidance Festival – 2023 with a view to organize regional events comprising all regions of the Board leading to the National level event with an aim to encourage the creativity, innovate and also to foster peer learning of students, teachers and principals alike. Similar to last year, this year too, the National Guidance Festival will be organized in association with Lifology Foundation.

Benefits of participating in these events:

  • Inspiring Dreams: Inspire young minds to dream big by showcasing success stories and role models from various fields, motivating them to strive for their skill development and aspirations.
  • Exploring Pathways: Help students discover a wide range of skilling and career paths available to them, empowering them to make informed choices about their future.
  • Industry Insights: Offer insights into current industry trends and emerging fields, helping students align their skill development and educational choices with the demands of the job market.
  • Job Ready Skills: Orient students about the job ready skills of future such as AI, Robotics, Data Science, Genomics and so on. Give students right exposure to the fields and guide them on decision making.
  • 21st Century Skills: Expose students to the need for essential skills like communication, critical thinking, and adaptability, preparing them for the ever-evolving job market.
  • Guidance and Counselling: Provide expert guidance and group counselling sessions to assist students in understanding their strengths, interests, skill development and potential career options.
  • Parental Involvement: Engage parents in the skill development and career planning process to create a supportive environment at home, facilitating better decision-making by students.
  • Holistic Profile: orient the participants to focus not only on academic excellence but also on skill development, overall personal growth, emphasizing the importance of well-rounded development for successful careers.

Themes of the Skill Expo – 2023:

skill expo

Guidelines for participation in the Skill Expo – 2023:

  1. All schools willing to participate in the Skill Expo and National Guidance Festival – 2023 must register using the respective links which shall be provided in the subsequent notifications.
  2. Eligibility for participation: The students may participate in any of the 02 categories: Category I – Classes 6 to 10, Category II – Classes 11 to 12
  3. For the Skill Expo, a School Team will be represented by: 1 teacher & 2 student per skill selected 1 mentor Skill teacher
  4. Skill Expo will be organized at two levels- i) Regional level ii) National level
  5. Minimum one and maximum three skills from one school can be exhibited.
  6. Minimum two teams can be registered by a school.
  7. The names of the students and the mentor teacher, once registered, cannot be changed at any stage of the exhibition.
  8. The school team participating at Regional and National Level must remain the same.
  9. The themes/ sub-themes once selected cannot be changed. Similarly, the skill chosen cannot be changed.
  10. The project/exhibit to be showcased may be:
     process used to create an item/product.
     application of entrepreneurship
  11. Care should be taken to use eco-friendly innovative material in the preparation of exhibits.
  12. The teams would be required to submit the details of their respective projects (title, description, list of materials used, images, video) within the stipulated time-frame (as mentioned in respective notification).
  13. The screening of the entries would be done before the regional/national level exhibitions.
  14. Schools can either prepare or exhibit one skill on their own or they can include experts in the particular field also.
  15. The exhibits will be assessed by a team of experts as per the following criteria:
The exhibits will be assessed by a team of experts as per the following criteria

Guidelines for participating in the National Guidance Festival – 2023

  • Schools must register separately for the National Guidance Festival-2023 through specific link which will be provided through subsequent notifications.
  • Each school can nominate 5 students and 2 teachers to attend the National Guidance Festival – 2023 at the respective venue.
  • The students and teachers who have been nominated must attend the full day event from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (to be eligible for certificate).
  • The participants shall visit the Skill Expo during breaks and specific time allocated to do the same.
  • Every eligible participant will get a certificate of participation on attending the event full day.
  • Webinars and short sessions will be organized before the event to disseminate the message across students, parents and teachers.
  • Motivational talks and Panel discussions shall be held on the following topics:
  • ‘How to develop skills required for the new world’
  • Future Careers and Importance of Early Planning
  • Career Planning – live development of a roadmap towards future. (Each student will be guided to develop a roadmap towards their future career.)

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