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Best Speech on International Day of Families – 15 May 2023

Best Speech on International Day of Families - 15 May 2023
Written by Chetan Darji

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Best Speech on International Day of Families – 15 May 2023

The Love of a Family is Life’s Most Significant Blessing. Family members are like the branches of the tree that grow in different directions yet the root remain the same. Family is everything.

Good Morning to Respected Principal Sir, Teachers and My Dear Friends.

For Creating Awareness of Families and promoting them, there is a Day called ‘World or International Day of Families’ which is celebrated in Nations around the world on 15th May to showcase the significant of families every year. Let us celebrate our own families and families around the world. I Chetan Darji from Class 11th wishing you all Happy International Day of Families ! Dear friends, we all have families, we should understand that a healthy bond with all the family members is to accept them as it is.

We should understand that it is very important to repair the broken bonds between families and the member of the families. International Day of Family tells the Youth of every nation about the importance of having a family. We have been celebrating International Day of Families on 15th May since 1995. In 1994, The United Nations declared the International Day of Families in response to the changing economic and social structure that are affecting the stability and structure of family units in different parts of the world. Actually, this day is an opportunity for us and for the people around us to promote awareness of issues relating to families.

Theme of International Day of Families – 15 May 2023

2023 Theme: Demographic Trends and Families

In late 2022, the world’s population has reached eight billion people. Characterized by the United Nations Secretary-General as a ‘milestone in human development’ this landmark event illustrates major advancements in health extending human lifespans. Population growth is to continue albeit at a decreasing rate. It is projected to reach 9.8 billion in 2050 and 11.2 in 2100 rising concerns about the prospects of sustainable urbanization and management of climate change.

I would like say that we can’t stick to just one day of appreciation and celebration as family holds an important place in our life, it provides us stability, love, and care, A sense of belonging that we love to celebrate a family day everyday.

My dear friends, family means something different to each of us. we should take care of our elderly parents as it is a form of expressing our love and deal them with care respect because they deserve it for everything they did to raise us.

Let us take more care of our parents and other family members because they deserve it. yes they deserve it, because they have spent years providing everything.

Thank You, Have a Nice Day !

Thanks to All Beloved Readers.

FAQ – Related to International Day of Families – 15 May 2023

Why International Family Day is celebrated? –

Answer – Every year on the 15th of May, the International Day of Families is celebrated. The major goal of honoring International Day of Families is to raise awareness of the importance and value of family. It is also vital to draw attention to the difficulties that impact families all around the world

Who started the International Day of Families?

Answer – The International Day of Families was first observed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1994

What is the theme of the International Day of Families 2023?

Since its inception, different year different themes are decided to celebrate International Day of Families. For the year 2023, the decided theme is “Demographic Trends and Families” and the goal is to raise awareness about the importance of family and how it impacts our planet

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