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Best Speech Essay on Pipaji Maharaj Jayanti in English – 06 April 2023

Best Speech Essay on Pipaji Maharaj Jayanti in English - 06 April 2023
Written by Chetan Darji

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The Complete and Official Information of Best Speech Essay on Pipaji Maharaj Jayanti in English – 06 April 2023

Best Speech Essay on Pipaji Maharaj Jayanti in English – 06 April 2023

We giving complete information regarding Pipaji Maharaj

History of Pipaji Maharaji

About 43 years before the incarnation of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, there was a king in Gagnor (Rajasthan), whose name was Pipa. He ascended the throne after the death of his father. He was a young and handsome prince. Due to the kindness of the ministers, he became a bit lustful and got married to the best of the queens. In this way, his interest increased and he married twelve princesses, one of them whose name was Sita, was very beautiful, the king was so fascinated by her beauty and her gesture that he forgot the world. He used to fall in love with her, seeing her wherever he went. Due to the worship of Durga, someone used to invite sadhus and devotees in his palace, listen to bhajans and feed them. There used to be discussion of knowledge in the Raj Bhavan, at that time even the queens used to listen and respected the sages and Brahmins a lot, their process went on like this.

This series was because his forefathers had been doing this and never lived without worship, they had built a temple in the Raj Bhavan. At that time, Vaishnavas were very popular in India, they used to preach devotion along with idol worship. A group of Vaishnavas came to the city, the king’s servants heard their hymns and came to the king and prayed – Maharaj! Vaishnav devotees have come to the city, are there, singing songs of devotion to Hari in great love and luscious notes. Hearing this, the king expressed his desire to see him. He said to his queens, Queen Sita said, Maharaj! What could be better than this? Of course, Raja Pipa went to the Saints after taking full advice and preparation. He prayed with folded hands, O devotees! You purify my royal palaces by stepping on your feet, I have a strong desire that God listens to the glory and get the benefit of your service by storing food, please accept the prayer, the head of the saint congregation replied from the front – O Rajan! If this is your will, then it will be so.

The whole congregation is ready to go to Raj Bhavan. Arrange seats for Bhandara and Sadhus. Pipa was a king, he had to give orders. Orders were given to the servants, all the arrangements were done, the floor was spread in a very open place and arrangements were made for the saints to sit. The food was also ready, the saints sang hymns glorifying God, then Pipa ji was very happy to hear, the saints also started praying for joy, but when the saints came to know that the king was only an idol worshiper and a lustful person, then they felt some sorrow. . He tried to persuade the king towards Hari Bhakti. He worshiped with a pure heart before the divine that the king should become the worshiper of her great power instead of the idol of Durga.

Like Satguru ji’s order – Hum dhadhi hari prabh khasam ke nit gavah hari gun chhanta hari kirtanu karah hari jasu sunah tisu kavala kanta hari data sabhu jagatu bhikhariya mangat jan janta hari devhu danu dayal hoi vichi pathar krim janta jan nanak namu dhiia gurmukhi dhanwanta The Lord God listened to the prayers of those Hari devotees and inspired King Pipa in his sleep to become his devotee. The inspiration of that dream had a special effect on the king. Sheesh came to the palace. He slept beside his queen Sita, as he used to sleep before. His bed was made of velvet and different types of flowers and fragrances were thrown on it. He had no knowledge of the poor world. That night the king had a dream. The dream was like this – in the dream as if the king was making love with his queen Sita. He was sitting with great fun that the doors of Sheesh Mahal opened automatically, a scary face came forward from their opening, as if the king had heard that there are demons and had also heard about the appearance of demons, the same face It belonged to that demon. The king got scared and out of his mouth, the demon came! He was like Narsingh. That terrible power came to the king and said – O king! Listen! Do not worship Durga, otherwise you will die. After giving such a message, that Shakti turned back and disappeared near the door. After his departure, the king was so frightened that he woke up.

The body was drenched in sweat and he woke up his wife Sita, who was fast asleep. O queen! Get up, get up quickly The queen got up and she prayed with folded hands, O Nath! What is the command? Pipa-come! Let’s go to Durga’s temple Sita-Nath at this time! It’s midnight now, second bath? Pipa – whatever it is! Gotta go now, come on! my heart is pounding i had a terrible dream.

Husband wife Sita got up and walked with the king and both reached the temple, Raja Pipa dedicated herself in front of the idol of Durga Devi and a voice came from the front – I am a stone – engage with the saints for devotion to Hari … run away Hearing such a statement, the king got up, he was scared in a way, he came back to the palace with Sita, spent the day talking to the saints, and in the morning, after taking a bath, he got ready to go to meet the saints. Meeting with the Saints Sant Udharan Dayalan Asaran Gopal Keertanah Nirmalan Sant Sangen Ot Nanak Paramesurah The statement in the dream brought a great change in the king’s life. He began to sigh. He refused and went towards the saints as soon as possible, he reached as soon as possible and went to the head of the saints and requested that Maharaj! Show me the path of Hari Naam Simran. By seeing you, my mind has become disinterested. I can’t sleep at night, nor do I have peace during the day. Seeing such distraction of the king, I am a beggar, the saints felt pity, he started saying – O Rajan! It is the immense grace of God that you have developed such disinterest, but the person whom you have to forgive is not here, he is in Kashi, his name is Guru Ramanand Gusain, go to him.

Getting ready to leave, he was walking towards Kashi, his mind was crying out restlessly like this – Maili Laihu Dayal Dhahi Paye Duariya Rakhi Levhu Deen Dayal Bhramat Bahu Hariya Bhagti Vachlu Tera Birdu Hari Patit Udhariya Tujh Binu Nahi Koi Binu Mohi Sariya Karu Gahi Lehu Dayal Sagar Sansaria King Pipa’s condition became such, he started making such requests out of subordination – O donor! Please give me a darshan, I am a pauper coming to your door and bowing down, now there is no other shelter, have mercy, Lord! Hey Datar! You are the protector of the devotees, your challenge is to save the fallen, no one except you, you are the giver, keep my shame by giving your hand and cross the ocean! Have mercy, giver, without you no one can cross the world… Satguru Maharaj’s words are for such distraught souls. Trikaldarshi Swami Ramanand also used to go to bathe in the Ganges early in the morning. When he was coming after bathing in the Ganga, he heard that King Pipa Bhakta of Gagnaur had come to Kashi and was looking for him. So he also said – Maharaj! The king of Gagnaur has come, Swami ji got the gate outside the ashram closed and ordered that no one should come for darshan without permission, it was implemented. When Raja Pipa went for darshan, he found the gate closed. And got the answer from further, it is necessary to take Guru’s permission, this has to be done.

Swami ji orders, we are poor, what can we do with the kings, it is better that he go to a temple and perform leela, we cannot match with the kings. Everything should be distributed elephant, horse, goods, the minister should take back and Sita and we will remain in three clothes. Distributed the material to the poor, kept love, kept eagerness in the heart, stood in front of the gate, then sent it after praying, Maharaj, the desire to see you, the soul is very disturbed, Swami ji had to take another test, whether he doesn’t do it just like that He sent saying, “If you are in a hurry, then jump into the well and you will see God very soon.” As soon as he heard that his body could be torn apart, he ran to find a well, his satyavati woman Sita also ran after him. Ji saw with his spiritual power that Pipa ji had really fallen in love with Hari, would become a devotee, so he created such an illusion that Pipa ji could not find any well. Standing up, he found the disciples sent by Swami Ramanand ji, who reached there, he went and gave Guru ji’s message to Pipa ji – Hey Rajan! Guru ji is missing you, Guru ji is calling you! Wow! my good luck! The one who remembered me saying I am a sinner Pipa, Pipa ji walked with the disciples and came to Guru Ramanand ji, bowed down at his feet and begged, Maharaj! Tell me the means to cross this Bhavsagar, turn towards God’s worship. Say the name of Ram! get up! Swami Ramanand ji ordered and picked up Pipa ji by holding her arm. Pipa started chanting the name of Ram. Swami Ramanand ji put him at his feet. From today there should be no arrogance, keep doing the rule, but don’t stop chanting Hari Bhajan, serve the sages with devotion, don’t bother the poor and helpless

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