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Appreciation and Explanation of The Poem Money – Class 12 English 2023

Appreciation and Explanation of The Poem Money - Class 12 English 2023
Written by Chetan Darji

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The Complete and Official Information of Appreciation and Explanation of The Poem Money – Class 12 English 2023.

Appreciation and Explanation of The Poem Money – Class 12 English 2023

In this Article we give complete information regarding Poem – 2.6 Money Class 12th English Maharashtra State Board Exam & Other Exam Preparation.

Points we Covered

  1. About the Poem
  2. About The poet
  3. About the Title
  4. Theme / Summary gist of the Poem
  5. Poetic Style / Language / Poetic Devices
  6. Special Features
  7. Message / Moral in the Poem
  8. Conclusion / Opinion

Poem – 2.6 Money

We give Details in Brief Explanation and Appreciation of the Poem.

1. About the Poem – Money

This is a narrative poem. Poet tells in this poem the real happiness of the life after becoming poor. The Poet also expresses that he had always untrue friends when he was rich. We cannot enjoy life when we are rich. Our friends too are false.

2. About the Poet –

W.H.Devies was a Welsh poet. He travelled like a tramp or hobo, worked as pedlar and became street singer before publishing his first collection of poetry. Poem expresses the joy of being poor.

3. About the Title –

Title is very simple and apt. The title gives us a hint that the poem is about the advantages or disadvantages of money. Title depicts the importance of money in bringing happiness in life.

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4. Theme of the Poem –

The poem deals with the experience of the poet when he was rich and also when he was poor. The poet has depicted the value of money in our life. When we are rich we always worry about its safety. We cannot enjoy life. Being rich person he could never get experience of true love of friends.

5. Poetic Style / Language / Poetic Devices

The poem has five stanzas having four lines each. The language is easy and simple. Rhyme scheme is abcb. The poet has used Inversion, Alliteration, Simile, Onomatopoeia, Repetition, Antithesis etc.

6. Special features –

The poet has used narrative technique. Poet tells us difference between the happiness of poor and rich. The difference between their friends is also significant. The images are like – Money, bees, death, are used in this poem.

7. Message / Moral in the PoemMoney

The poem teaches us a moral lesson ‘Money does not bring true happiness as well as the value of money in true friendship. The poem also teaches us to identify the difference between true and untrue friends. The poem gives a message of satisfaction.

8. Conclusion / Opinion of the Poem Money

I like this poem very much. I think that money is equally important in today’s world. I come know that money is everything in life and doesn’t bring the true happiness. ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ this is the principle of life.

Thanks to all beloved Readers.

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