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Anchoring Script Speech for School Farewell Function 2024

Anchoring Script Speech for School Farewell Function 2023
Written by Chetan Darji

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Anchoring Script Speech for School Farewell Function 2024

वो जो जाते थे स्कूल तक उस रास्तों से अब जुदा हो जायेंगे, आज हमारे अजीज इस स्कूल से विदा हो जायेंगे..

A Glorious Morning to Each and Everyone Present Here.

Today, we all have gathered here to give Best wishes to our seniors for their bright future at this farewell party.

It is great pleasure for me to welcome you all this beautiful program on behalf of Class 11th. We are here to Bid Farewell to our seniors and Today’s program will be full of excitement and enthusiasm.

We stretch a warm welcome to our Hon. Chief Guest Sir, Principal Sir, Teachers and Our Seniors.

School Days are the Best days of our life. Our seniors have completed a cycle and about to start another. Time comes and goes but the memories last forever.

Let us take this day to celebrate all the memories we have made in this school for so many years. It is mark of our Undying Tradition to involve the Almighty at the beginning of an important event. Let’s start the event with prayer. I would call Janvi for Prayer.

Oh My God. Since Class 1st to 12th. Hopefully, it was your wonderful journey and also little bit hard. It possible to forget the golden days of your school life ?

And We Never Forget…,

Small fights with friends, feeling after scoring good marks, those rainy days when school declared holidays, the last couple of minutes of the last period, Inspiring words of our Principal Sir and Unconditional Love for friends.

Now, we have a very heart touching play for you all that will definitely gives joy and happiness to our seniors. So please welcome boys and girls of Class 11th.

Thanks to All Beloved Readers.

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