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Anchoring Script for Freshers Party for School Colleges 2024

Anchoring Script for Freshers Party for School Colleges 2024
Written by Chetan Darji

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Anchoring Script for Freshers Party for School Colleges 2024

The Beginning is the most important part of any work. We have new members with us who are going to begin their journey. So, loud to the universe that you are willing to let go of struggle and eager to learn through joy.

Good Morning ! Namaskar.. How are you all ? I am very delighted to have you all among us.

Let me introduce myself, I am Shivnya Makwana, B.Sc. Final, on behalf of all students, I would extend our warmest welcome and good wishes to all the freshers on becoming the part of this institution.

And Let’s we all together make this morning the best morning. Let’s the whole institution should know that we are having our fresher’s party today.

College life is that part of our life that we are going to relive in our memories till we breathe. It is the place where we live our life to the fullest, Here we lean about life. And this life makes us stronger to fight our own battles and it makes us serious about our careers. So, after the college it remains a memorable time for all of us.

We are dying to see our freshers and seniors rock on the ramp. And the stage is set. Once again can we have a huge round of applause for our freshers. Now, It’s time to bring thunder to this hall by your hooting.

Audience Hooting..

Let’s start the event with a Rocking Hip-Hop dance performance by our seniors.

Thanks to Audience.

Now, we will have an introduction segment where you guys will introduce yourselves in 2 lines.

Let’s welcome all with huge round of applause.

What is Fashion-

Fashion we can buy, But what makes it new is the style we possess.

Dear Audience, Fashion is all about happiness, It is important, it is fun. We have a real delight for you. Within few minutes, we will get the chance to enjoy fashion show.

The stage is ready now.. Please put your hands together.

I just love singing.. Do You ?

Audience — Yes

I think the entire audience love singing. Our voice is the most natural instrument we have. If singing is our passion, then we should pursue that happiness without hesitation.

Now, there will be a singing competition between seniors and freshers.. And the judges will choose the best 3 singes out of them.

Are you all ready ?

Now, we have come to the end of the program. Let’s make today worth remembering. I would request to all of you to come on the dance floor.

Music Please.

Thanks to Beloved Readers.

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