8 Tips : How can I become a successful online student 2021?

8 Tips How can I become a successful online student 2021
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Written by Chetan Darji

While you preparing you have to fix your timetable and the timetable was depends on you and your daily routine life. If your daily routine may change that will impact to your time table definitely. While preparing plz stay of your parents. Parents are all for us they are strength and weakness also . It’s an emotion.

#Tip-1 [Concentration]

Put the volume in medium, like(50 to 65). If you put the volume 100, you will relax and sit back and lay, yourself and doesn’t concentrate what they teaching.

#Tip-2 [Focus]

Maintain the video in 1.5x or 2x speed, if you put the video in normal speed, definitely you will go sleepy after few minutes and u bored, so maintaining the 1.5 to 2x speed the video will go fast compared to normal speed, so you will be Alert and watch carefully with every second.

#Tip-3 [Rest]

QUOTE- {If you get tired, learn to rest not to quit}

Take a 5minutes break for every 30minutes, Mandatory

Caution:- Don’t open YouTube, Instagram etc. Just take a break and relax. U can listen 🎧

#Tip-4 [Boost yourself]

Maintain a water bottle, drink for every 1.5hr duration your body will go dehydrated, you have to maintain hydrated to u r body.

#Tip-5 [vision]

While morning to evening, your body efficiency 📈 fall down, so according to that, make the plan of your day.

#Tip-6 [Distractions]

Un-install all social media apps/otherwise turn of the notifications or put on the mobile Focus mode they stop running the distracting apps, you have to select those apps (There is a app called Stay focus.for MI mobile default they provide focus mode.

focus mode on

#Tip-7 [Control your emotions]

I listed in starting 2nd paragraph parents are an emotion and even though we have lots of emotionswe have to control on it, otherwise they we will go under that control. So for that do some Basic exercise search it on YouTube or Pinterest and do some meditation damn it will very help you.[1]

#Tip-8 [Remaining time left]

You have to be very focused how much time is there and how much left for that,In play store app called Days left(countdown) below image I will attach. [2]

Remaining Time

Thank you❤

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