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1 Google Map Review – Get 50 Rs Telegram Scam Exposed

1 Google Map Review - 50 Rs Telegram Scam Exposed 2024
Written by Chetan Darji

Are you searching for – 1 Google Map Review – 50 Rs Telegram Scam Exposed (HCL Software Task) Merchant Task

Then you are at Right Place.

The Complete and Official Information of 1 Review – 50 Rs Telegram Scam Exposed (HCL Software Task) Merchant Task

1 Review 50 Rs Telegram Scam Exposed (HCL Software Task) Merchant Task

In this article we are giving information and alertness regarding ongoing scam of Telegram also screenshots so you can aware about this Froud.

Now we understand the step by step above scam / Froud.

Step – 1 : They are Added in WhatsApp Group.

They scammers get your mobile number from any group or referrals.

Example of WhatsApp Group for Scammers (Review Scam) 2024

Above group is for collect the users for scam and they say to send private message and they coordinate for further process or task.

Step – 2 : Personal Message in WhatsApp

You are searching make money and you got work and know what type of work they are providing so you send message in WhatsApp.

Task or Work

  1. Open google map ; search for Dwarka Temple
  2. Write your review and post it.
  3. Send screenshot of completed task here.
private message of that person scammer (Review Scam 2024)

Step – 3 : Giving Telegram Channel Link

this is your Reference/salary code YWT392

Link :

step - 3 giving telegram channel link (Review Scam 2024)

Then you connect Telegram for the next process.

Step – 4 : After Conversation on Telegram you get Welcome Bonus (150)

They use this term for money – Hello, you have received you salary right?

After giving details to Auditor – You get 150 Rs in your Bank Account.

Your code have been verified successfully right now kindly fill up your information so that i can apply the entry of you .
UPI or Bank account  :
Please fill in the simple verification form your first salary Thanks!!!
Step - 4 : After Conversation on Telegram you get Welcome Bonus (150)

Step – 5 : Auditor added in Telegram Task Group

Telegram Auditor Message for Regarding Tasks or Work

After joining the group, you need to actively complete all tasks issued by the company. If you frequently skip certain tasks, you will be regarded as an inactive employee and your salary will be reduced and eventually fired. I hope you will do better and better.

Please notify me when you join our working group and I will apply for your onboarding salary.

Our group will release 24 tasks every day, you can get 50 INR for completing 1 task, and you can get 2000INR reward for completing 10 consecutive tasks in the group!

There is only 20 minutes of verification time for each task, and every screenshot of the completed channel needs to be sent to me in time, otherwise the salary cannot be settled.

The salary for each task is 50 INR , and when the cumulative salary reaches 150 INR you will be paid.

Continue to pay attention to the group information and wait for the next task to be released. The group publishes task information every 20 minutes.

Step – 6 : Task Example (Map Review Scam 2024)

Mission: 20

Open google map 1. Click on the link below to write your review: 2. The task will take 20 minutes 3. If you have any questions about this task, please contact the receptionist 4. After completing the task, you will receive 50 Rs. If you skip this task, the amount will be reduced to 20 Rs.

Important note – If you complete any prepaid tasks (the reward for the later commenting tasks increases to 100₹ screenshot, which is twice the reward from 50₹). 5. The next task is at 18:40

Today’s task is completed, everyone has gained a lot, congratulations to all reward winners, there will be more tasks tomorrow, the goal is to add every sales task is an opportunity for you to earn more salary for each task, thank you for your positive attitudes. In order not to affect everyone, the activities of this group are temporarily banned

Step 7 : Prepaid Tasks

Sharing Economy Task Earning – Main Scam

Prepaid Tasks - Google Map Review Scam 2024-25

Note :

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