What qualities do you prefer in a background screening company?

What qualities do you prefer in a background screening company
Written by Chetan Darji
  1. Ethical reputations.
  2. Clear boundaries, rigid scope and relevance of background data to the requirement of each job.
  3. Non-consolidation options, allowing our candidates to keep their report data out of the firm’s aggregate collections
  4. The methods and process must not be invasive, intrusive or detrimental to the candidate. some employers pull hard credit checks on candidates, which can affect their credit score and access to credit.
  5. I don’t want them to tell me details I only want them to tell me if the candidate meets the minimum requirements our insurers demand.
  6. if it weren’t for the requirement our insurers demand, I would dispense with background checks entirely. Anybody who’s never missed a single bill payment, or has a blemish-free history, is the kind of person most likely to be found performing human taxidermy.\

The best background check companies will work with you to fit the background check to the job, will go directly to the courts to verify criminal records, will verify employments and education by contacting each one individually, and will use the best tactics to protect the applicant’s personal information. If a company fails to do any of these things, then they probably are not the best screening company for you. Feel free to check out my profile for more information on this and other background check topics.

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