What is the best education system in Nowadays 2022 ?

What is the best education system in Nowadays 2022
Written by Chetan Darji

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What is the best education system in Nowadays 2022 ?

Its My Opinion

I think best education system is when a child is given its education of its field ……. Usually what happens one is give education which he/she doesn’t like at all…..

Hence that kid is called dumb or week in studies or he is doing purposely , etc ……… Basically if the kid likes singing then he or should be given education of singing n not of science maths physics chemistry etc……..

Now a common question arises how to know what the child is good at??

The answer is simple till standard 4th we all have same education ( actually it’s till 10th )……. Then the parents n teachers should know the child well and come to conclusion at what is he good at!! If he is good in painting , he should be taught painting not history, geography , physics, maths , etc…….

If that kid likes studying then he/she should be given education of maths , science, physics, chemistry, etc……

When the child arrives in 8th , by that time we should know him well and select his field like physics , chemistry , maths, etc……..

Then after in 10 th, let the child decide what he wanna do……. Means he/she wanna continue in studies or wanna go in other field……

If this is the education system then I’m sure more and more inventions, discoveries will happen in science n while in other fields we will get experts……..

An expert painter like Picasso , a beautiful voice of a singer like Pandit Bhimsen Joshi , expert businessman like Bill Gates , expert scientist like Albert Einstein , expert musician like Pandit Ravi Shankar , expert sportsman like Diego Maradona and Sachin Tendulkar , best politician Like Barak Obama and Narendra Modi , etc etc

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