Reasons for Eye Stress in 2021. How to cure / remove it ?

Reasons for eye stress in 2021. How to cure it
Written by Chetan Darji

When using electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, the Blue light from them greatly affects the retina of the eyes.

Eye Cures

The most delicate of human organs is the eye. Various diseases of the body affect the organs involved and often the eyes. So we have to protect our eyes carefully. The eyes should rest. Generally, it is better to use the eyes only for vision.

Most of us have a habit of looking at the cell phone for a long time. Keeping the cell phone close to the eyes for such a long time makes the eyes more vulnerable to its blue light. Suffers greatly. People who work on electronic devices such as computers and laptops use them continuously for 12 to 16 hours daily. Using them for such a long time, the radiation emitted from them greatly affects the eyes. They also cause headaches and cataracts as a free attachment.

When using electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops, the radiation emitted from them can greatly affect the retina in the eyes. Normally we blink several times in a minute. But children forget to close their eyes while looking at the cell phone. They stare at the cell phone for two or three minutes without blinking.

Prolonged exposure can cause dryness of the moisture above the cornea of ​​the eye, which can cause irritated watery eyes, pressure, etc. Also red eyes and headaches. Gadgets such as cell phones, iPads and laptops should be kept at least 30 cm apart to protect against such vulnerabilities. Good to keep away. Do not use these gadgets continuously for more than 20 minutes. When using gadgets including cell phone, take a break from gadgets and look for greenery. Doing so is good for the ciliary muscles.

Some tips to relieve stress in the eyes..

* Close your eyes for a while and put a piece of cucumber on the eyelids.

* Eye drops can also be used

* You can zoom in on characters such as computers and laptops. Clearly visible, simple font can be used.

* Make sure the screen of the computer is below the line of eyesight.

* It is very important to take short breaks while working on the computer.

* If there is AC, it should not be directly on the face.

* Table lamps can be used.

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