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How to Registration / Participate On CBSE Reading Challenge 3.0 – 2022

How to Registration- participate On CBSE Reading Challenge 3.0 - 2021-22
Written by Chetan Darji

What is CBSE Reading Challenge 3.0 ?

The acquisition of 21st century competencies of communication, critical and creative thinking and the ability to locate, understand and reflect on various kinds of information has become more crucial for our learners. It is well accepted that Reading Literacy is not only a foundation for achievement in other subject areas within the educational system but also a prerequisite for successful participation in most areas of adult life.

Source – CBSE

With a focus on promoting Reading Literacy among the learners, the Central Board of Secondary Education is organizing The CBSE Reading Challenge 3.0 for students of classes 6th to 10th for English and Hindi languages. Students may attempt this challenge in either/both languages.

This challenge shall be available on the DIKSHA platform from 22/11/2021 to 31/12/2021

Students from class 6th to 10th are eligible to participate in this challenge. To access the challenge, schools affiliated to CBSE are required to register their students, provide CBSE registration IDs to students who can then join the ‘CBSE Reading Challenge 3.0’ course on the DIKSHA platform.

Note : The students of schools not affiliated to the CBSE can directly access the course on DIKSHA platform.

Instruction for CBSE School

How to apply for Registration CBSE Reading Challenge 3.0

1) The Challenge is available at two levels:
(i) For students of classes 6th and 7th
(ii) For students of classes 8th and 10th
2) There is NO participation fee for this student enrichment activity.

Registration or login page of cbse reading challenge 3.0

3) CBSE Schools to go to and register their students. As soon as schools register students, Registration IDs would be generated which they can provide to respective Students. This is to be given to students so that they can fill it on the DIKSHA portal at the start of quiz.

Instructions for Students for Participation

Step – 1) The students of CBSE affiliated schools have to fill in the Registration ID (to be provided by the school/ teacher) before accessing the Quiz. Students of schools not affiliated to CBSE are to skip filling this Registration ID (please leave it blank)

Step – 2) Students would be required to login to portal using their existing DIKSHA credentials. If they do not have an account on DIKSHA, then they can register for the same by clicking on the “Register here” button on the page. They can also sign in with an existing Google account by clicking on the “Sign in with Google” button.

Step – 3) The “CBSE Reading Challenge 3.0” can be accessed via below links:

Step – 4) On reaching the course home page, click on “Join Course” to join the course.

Step – 5) Once they have joined the course, they will be able to access different modules of this course. They can either click on Start Learning or on any one of the modules to access the content:
(i) The first module provides a brief introduction to the CBSE Reading Challenge 3.0 course.
(ii) The second module is the CBSE Reading Challenge 3.0.

The challenge for students of classes 6-7 would be available for 60 minutes. The challenge for students of classes 8-10 would be available for 50 minutes.

Step – 6) All students who complete the course would be provided a participation certificate. Participation certificates will be issued online on the DIKSHA platform itself upon completion of the course. Please ensure that students have their correct names in the DIKSHA profile. Students should have the latest version of the DIKSHA app or access to the DIKSHA website to receive certificates. Please note that no merit list shall be displayed or separate certificates will be issued to the participants for this activity.

Direct link for School and Students Participation

direct link of CBSE Reading Challenge 3.0

For any information, you may contact at 011-23231575 or email- [email protected]

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