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How to Participate in Government Constitution Day Quiz 2021-22

How to Participate in Government Constitution Day Quiz 2021-22
Written by Chetan Darji

The Constitution of India

We feel proud to introduce our Constitution to the young learners. The Constitution of India is a dynamic document which ensures  the aspiration of we the people of India. The Indian Constitution enables the government to take positive welfare measures; some of which are legally enforceable. This  dynamic document focuses on rules and regulations and also gives power to the government for pursuing collective good of the society. The Indian Constitution was adopted on 26th November1949. Its implementation formally started from 26 January, 1950.

Importance of celebrating the Constitution day

The beginning of celebration of the Constitution Day will be done by organizing an online Quiz Competition  for students by NCERT . It will make the students aware about the Preamble to the Constitution, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Directive Principles of State Policy and so on. This quiz will help in familiarizing children with the history of  the making of our  Constitution  and the eminent people involved in its  making. It will help in preparing our future generations, committed to Constitutional values and nurture  the  democratic principles. The quiz also attempts to encourage the children to engage creatively in many more activities to understand the significance of the  Constitution day.


The main objectives of the quiz competition is to ..

  1. Create an  awareness  about the Constitution of India
  2. Develop knowledge about personalities associated with its making
  3. Promote understanding of its salient features
  4. Encourage children to relate to different parameters of the constitution with their lived realities

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