How do I find a Best Ghost Writer in 2023 ?

How do I find a Best Ghost Writer in 2023
Written by Chetan Darji

You should consider a couple of things in terms of how the prospective Ghost Writer fits the bill. But of all the qualities you should be focusing on, I believe the following three are most crucial. First, ask for his previous work and examine them with regard to style, diction, sentence structure, factual correctness, etc. If he is writing on your behalf (I believe that is the case), and you will be the author subsequently, you need to be comfortable with his style. This is very important. When you read his work aloud, do you like what you hear, for example?

Good writing tend to be sonorous and melodious, like a good song. Is his style in any way similar to yours, or better still, does he write better than you do?

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Do not forget that this individual is likely to write more than one book for you, so, you need to think through the selection process carefully because you may be stuck with him for a long time. If you intend to write more than one book, it is usually advisable to use the same ghost writer for consistency in style.

Second, you need to look at the personality of the individual. Is he flexible? Will he be willing to re-write materials, maybe even whole chapters already submitted? Is he humble enough to accept counsel and input from Editors? How amenable is he to criticism, especially brutal and direct criticism which might come from Editors or yourself (the client) in the course of the job?

Third and last, how much will it cost you?

Good luck in your selection.

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