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How can a student find a job in Germany – Best Tips for 2023

How can a student find a job in Germany - Best Tips for 2023
Written by Chetan Darji

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The Complete and Official Information of How can a student find a job in Germany – Best Tips for 2023

How can a student find a job in Germany – Best Tips for 2023

This answer could be taken as a guideline for any job/ thesis / internship application as a foreigner in Germany.
Let me explain the obstacles which you may face.

1. German knowledge: Even if you are technically excellent, your German knowledge will become a stumbling block. The job will not be done if there is a communication gap, so you gotta have a medium fluency in German.

2) Difference in profile and needs : German work culture do not need someone that is master of all trades. If you are not specific on your skills and change your field very often, it will become another hurdle. This proverb aptly describes this.

3) Subtle racism/ rejection of foreign names in application process: Even though Germany now has a open access market to foreign students graduated in Germany, still Germans and Europeans are preferred for jobs and you will be preferred only if they cannot find a local candidate.
I also read a post stating that people with foreign names are turned down in hiring process. 
This case is not always true. Still there is a substantial proportion of companies and people who are willing to take foreign talents.


1) Do what you are good at , not what pays you more:

While you are studying itself , choose your specific field and try to work in relevant projects . Increase your exposure and do your thesis in that field. This will give a rock solid background for your future.
Don’t select some field because you will get paid more.

2) Don’t apply for jobs in areas other than your specific focus:
For example : You would have studied mechanical engineering and did your thesis in FEA. Then restrict your job search within that field. Not beyond that. Don’t apply for a job post with the requirements like – we need an automotive engineer with experience in ProE designing. You will be surely rejected.
To put it simple , don’t be like this guy.

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3) Come out of your closet- Interact:
Being an industry oriented economy, a good number of trade fairs happen in Germany each and every year. Most importantly , they are free for students. So, the contact establishment is really simple.

  • Do a preliminary search before going to a trade fair – know what companies are there and what they do.
  • Interested in a particular area ? , Talk to the R&D or Project Engineer there. Explore what it is all about , find whats interesting about it , ask questions which intrigues them, share your knowledge.
  • If you find a lot of correlations between what you have done and what are they doing- ask for future positions and they will be happy to guide you about it. Don’t ask irrelevant questions – if it do not interest you.
  • Rule of thumb: If you talk with HR , you will always get a welcoming reply and he /she will guide you to apply on their online portal. This will not work out most of the times. you will be directed again to point number 3 in obstacles.

This above rule becomes invalid in case of huge enterprises.
When you do this , you completely shatter the fear of your employer that he is going to hire an unknown guy. Universities do encourage this kind of interactions.

4) Germany is about Small and medium enterprises. That forms the backbone of the economy and has a lot of opportunities.

The above picture depicts that the value added by German SME’s has an exponential increase over the last 7 years.

5) Shape your resume in such a way that it reflects only the relevant skills – not unnecessary bullshit.

6)Last but not least , Learn German at least to a speakable level . Grammatical errors doesn’t matter.

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