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Dakshana e Aarambh: Foundation Program 2021 for Grades 9 & 10

Dakshana eAarambh Foundation Program 2021 for Grades 9 & 10
Written by Chetan Darji

The Dakshana e-Aarambh Program is an online foundational course for JEE/NEET. The program is designed exclusively for Class 9 & 10 students from government schools and is absolutely FREE. The aim of the program is to build a strong foundation for JEE/NEET and improve the students’ chance to be successful at JEE & NEET. This program is open to all interested students.

Students interested in being a part of this program must do the following:

Dakshana eAarambh Foundational Program for Grades 9 & 10

For Registration Click Below Link

Brief Description

Dakshana e-Aarambh is a foundation preparatory program in Math & Science for students of Grade 9 & 10 in all JNVs & government schools across India. The program will be delivered through an online platform to ALL interested students. The program is actually designed to be run during the vacations between Grade 8 & 9 and Grade 9 & 10. However, due to the pandemic situation, since the students are currently not at school and can access the program on a device at home, the program will be conducted over the next 4 months for the first year, and over 4 months in the next year.

Though the program is aimed to empower a student from Grade 9, any student can join the program directly even in Grade 10.

The pedagogy will include Video lectures on all topics, Daily Assignments & Chapter/Unit Tests. 


  1. The Program will commence from July 01, 2021.
  2. Interested students who have entered Grade 9 & 10 this year (academic year 2021-22) can apply at:
  3. All students to be enrolled in Dakshana Telegram Channel:
  4. Students will be provided a time-table and links to all video lectures. 
  5. Students interested in Dakshana e-Aarambh will watch 3 video lectures of 30-40 minutes each, daily for the next 4 months. They will also work on Daily Practice Problems & Assignments.  

Time allocation by the students over Grade 9 & 10:

  e-Aarambh Grade 09Grade 10
Course Duration04 Months04 Months
Total no. of lectures250265
Duration of a lecture30-40 Min30-40 Min
Self-evaluation Chapter test3030
Total part TestsFull Syllabus Tests05010501
Total hours including self-study300 hrs300 hrs

Click here to join the Dakshana Channel on Telegram 

Click here to subscribe to the Dakshana e-Classroom on YouTube

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