CBSE – Free Online Training Programme on Storytelling as Pedagogy 2021

CBSE - Free Online Training Programme on Storytelling as Pedagogy 2021
Written by Chetan Darji

In India we have classrooms with students from length and breadth of the country representing truly multicultural and diverse backgrounds. It is pertinent to have inclusive classrooms, create empathy in the classroom and allow students to reach universal understanding through the personal experiences of other students and community at large. Stories may serve this purpose as they open the mind so that the hearer is ready to take things in. Storytelling as a pedagogical tool may provide a way to transform this multicultural, diverse classroom into an inclusive classroom where students understand each other and appreciate and celebrate the diversity. The magic of storytelling changes the atmosphere in the classroom and in so doing enhances the learning environment.

CBSE has always supported its teachers and students with the courses, resources and techniques which help them in presenting facts and ideas in such a way that students not only understand it but also retain the knowledge. Story telling as Pedagogy is yet another such course.

Storytelling as a pedagogical tool may be used to explore regional and cultural diversity of our country, to integrate stories into the curriculum at all levels, to find out new storytelling methods, to create variety of new stories, and to fuel the power of imagination and creativity.

Course consists of one webinar, course material and assessment by using Google Classroom. Webinar shall be conducted in different languages. These webinars shall be live streamed on YouTube channel of the Board, wherein the experts shall be sharing with you the details of the course and its nuances:

Please note:

  1. There is no need of registration.
  2. Join the webinar by clicking on respective link given in the Annexure A.
  3. Course material and assessment shall be available in respective classrooms.
  4. Link of Classrooms shall be available on from 14th June 2021
  5. Link of the classrooms on above domain shall be changed when one Cohort is filled.
  6. Participants are advised to join only one Cohort and use the available current link at the time of joining.


  • Participants can join the classroom and assessment by using their ID only.
  • Board has shared teachers’ IDs with the schools through the CBSE Centre of Excellence. Teachers, who did not receive ID, can contact concerned Centre of Excellence through their school, individual request will not be considered.
  • Certificate shall be awarded to the participants on successful completion of assessment.
  • Assessment Link in the respective classroom will be available for the Participants from 01st July 2021, 10:00 am to 28th July 2021, 4:00 pm.
  • Participants are advised to fill the assessment form with utmost care. One participant can submit assessment only once.
  • Spelling of the Name and email id shall be checked twice while submitting the assessment form. Any mistake will reflect in the certificate.
  • Participants can download their certificates from 05th August 2021 onwards from CBSE Training Portal
  • The medium of course material and assessment will be English only.

Principals and teachers of all the schools affiliated to the Board are requested to join the course. Participation guidelines are given at Annexure A. For any query you can contact us on [email protected]

For More Details Official Website – Available in after 14th June

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